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Based on the true story of Bijan Ebrahimi, an Iranian immigrant murdered in England in 2013, Joan of Arc tells the story of an Iranian artist, Oscar, who is the victim of racism and misconduct from the authorities.

After his wife decides to leave him, taking their two children without a trace, Oscar moves to his wife’s city in an attempt to locate his family. His attempt to find them is fruitless, and he is unexpectedly faced with a new phenomenon, racism.


Oscar calls upon the authorities in faith that they would intervene, however, he experiences a severe case of misconduct. Oscar’s fate is sealed with a barbaric act of violence, driven by hate and wickedness – all of which could have been easily avoided if his calls for help had been answered.


Racism is present in every corner of the world, the question is…. Why hate, when you can love?

The Story of Bijan Ebrahimi.

The sad story that inspired the making of Joan of Arc is that of Bijan Ebrahimi, an Iranian immigrant who was murdered in cold blood on Capgrave Crescent, Bristol in July 2013.

Bijan, 44, had been suffering from abusive behaviour from racist neighbours. After recording footage of this behavior as evidence, Lee James, his neighbour, wrongly accused Bijan of being sexually interested in his daughter and threatened him.


Bijan made multiple reports to the police about the threatening and aggressive acts of his neighbours. However, the police failed to act. Bijan was evenutally beaten to death and set on fire, left to burn on a street.


Lee James was convicted and jailed for life for the murder of Bijan. PC Kevin Duffy and PCSO Andrew Passmore were convicted of misconduct in a public office.

Meet the Team


Hamid Khairoldin

Hamid Khairoldin is a film writer and director who has directed a number of feature films in Iran. After two years of hard work and research, Hamid has completed the screenplay of the upcoming feature film, Joan of Arc, which should be released later this year.

Shahriar Assadi
Director of Photography

Shahriar Assadi has worked in film since 1982, starting his studies and training in cinematography with various masters. Shahriar has been nominated for and won various prestigious awards at film festivals, such as Rotterdam and San Francisco film festivals.

Bijan Amirebrahimi
Set Designer

Bijan studied interior design and graduated from Tehran university on 1972. He practiced in field of architecture and interior design in Iran, Italy, Netherland and United Kingdom. He also worked as an interior designer manager in Imam Khomeini international airport.

Kaveh Imani


Kaveh was born in Tehran, Iran, graduating in film editing. He has edited a number of Iranian movies including: "Third day", directed by Hossein Latifi, 2006 and "Guidance patrol", directed by Saeed Syly, 2011.

Keyan Ferdousi
Make up Artist


Keyan Ferdousi has been working as a makeup artist since 1995. He has worked on many film projects and contributes towards creative makeup arts projects at a national and international level.

Saeed Shaebani Nejad


Saeed has worked as a composer and producer of music for films for the last 25 years, producing hundreds of pieces of music for short and long films. A number of the films have been nominated and won awards in national and International film festivals.

Samyar Parsa
First Assistant to the Director

amyar is a graduate of London South Bank University. He has collaborated on a number of films with the London Film School and is currently completing a directing workshop there. Samyar has completed a number of short films as a director, director of photography and assistant director.

Maral Rose
Costume Designer


Maral is the costume designer for the Joan of Arc film. Her theatrical background goes back to when she was 12 and she boasts experience in photography and dubbing. Maral is here to make sure every member of the team has the right outfit for the occasion.

Ali Ghorashi
Head of Public Relations

Ali is responsible for public relations on Joan of Arc. Since a young age, he has been fascinated by artistic works, especially cinema. Ali will be the first line of communication with the entire team, including all actors and actresses.


T-Ann Manora

Born in Wellington, New Zealand, T-Ann's first stage experience was as a nine-year-old in the musical, Annie Get Your Gun, and she has played theater roles ever since. In 2011 T-Ann made her first screen appearance in Spartacus, War of The Damned, as Opelia.

Mark Knightley

 Mark Knightley is a British actor based in London. He has a host of experience across stage, television and film, with appearances in BBC's Holby City as well as other notable screen productions.

Gemma Rook

Gemma Rook is a London-based British actress with experience across film, TV and stage. Gemma brings over 10 years' experience to the team and has an impressive array of skills that will make for a compelling viewing experience.

Alex Francis

Alex Francis is an actor with experience in film, commercial, and voice over. He has played lead roles in short and feature films, and has been involved in film festivals such as the London International Sci-Fi, and Fantasia Film Festival.

Jo Shirley

Jo Shirley is a versatile actress with experience in film, TV and theater. Jo plays everything from Shakespearean drama to musical comedy improvisation and has appeared opposite Noel Fielding in the gothic fantasy, The Wonderful World of Death.

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