George Galloway Supports Joan of Arc

George Galloway, British politician, broadcaster and writer, has offered kind words of support for the upcoming feature-film Joan of Arc. 


The veteran anti-racism activist speaks about the need to fight racism and the importance of backing projects like Joan of Arc to achieve that goal. Watch the video or read the transcript.


George Galloway on Joan of Arc, fighting racism and Kickstarter



I am George Galloway. For nearly 30 years I was a member of the British parliament, fighting racism and promoting the idea of justice. In crowdfunding terms just a couple of years ago, I appealed to the public to fund my film “The killings of Tony Blair”, which thanks to you will be at cinema near you very soon. Now I am hoping to repeat that with Joan of Arc.


I have no financial interest in the film and I’m here to speak to you about it. Its called Joan of Arc – I am very interested in it and I hope to interest you in it too. It’s a feature film, a movie made by a very experienced director, Hamid Khairoldin, whom I have known for many years. He is an ace director and he has put together a screenplay which pierces the heart. It tells the story of terrible racist injustice in our own country and how, somehow, love and harmony was able to arise from ashes of aggression and anger.


The team need £50,000 in 50 days. They have already raised £50,000 themselves and they’ve put together a team of the very best actors and the very best production team and technical crew with great skill. None of those people are going to receive salary, instead they will be paid from the sales of the film and because of that they think that they can make this film if you donate £50,000 in 50 days.


As you know, Kickstarter is a medium that’s all or nothing. If they don’t raise the whole £50,000 they won’t get anything at all. I promise you, if you provide those Kickstarter’s funds I myself will continue to be involved in supporting this film and when you see it you will be very proud that you helped make it possible. Joan Of Arc is the name of the film and I promise you,  it live up to its name.


What next?

To raise the initial money needed to begin the project, we have launched a campaign on crowdfunding site, Kickstarter. Kickstarter is great way of involving the wider-public and sharing our project with the community.


We need to raise £50,000 in 50 days and our campaign ends on the 1st of April 2016, so if you can, please donate or spread the word using the social sharing icons below – we appreciate it!