Zita Holbourne discusses racism in our generation

Activist Zita Holbourne discusses the significance of making the film, and the effects that racism has had in our generation.


Zita stresses how important it is that the film reaches as many people as possible, spreading the message to each person globally.


Zita Holbourne voices her views on racism in our generation 



Bijan Ebrahimi made his home in Bristol. He immigrated from Iran. In 2013 he was shockingly and horrendously burnt to death by his neighbours who had subjected him to a long term campaign of hatred and racist abusive harassment. The police refused to hear his crisis, and did nothing about the situation. The new feature film, Joan of arc, tells a story of racism, and how it is deepening globally. Every body of colour around the world is experiencing the impact of global racism and Islamophobia, it’s spreading the hate rate and we need to combat that hate rate. We need to stand up against racism and hate rate, and one way to do that is to tell the story and we ask you to support this Kickstarter campaign so that this film can be made. We need to raise £50000 but if we all come together and we all contribute something we can make this happen. It’s really important that our stories are told, that this story is told, because it represents the global impact of racism, and so many people before that had been the victim of racism, that had been burnt to death, that had been stabbed to death, that had been shot to death. Our lives matter, please support this campaign.

What next?

To raise the initial money needed to begin the project, we have launched a campaign on crowdfunding site, Kickstarter. Kickstarter is great way of involving the wider-public and sharing our project with the community.


We need to raise £50,000 in 50 days and our campaign ends on the 1st of April 2016, so if you can, please donate or spread the word using the social sharing icons below – we appreciate it!